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Youth Latinx Leadership Conference

The Youth Latinx Leadership Conference (YLLC) is a community of Latinx student change-makers based in Southern California who come together for a free annual event to learn from each other and from top Latinx leaders from various occupational and academic fields. All of the profits from sponsorships and donations to the YLLC go to unaccompanied and undocumented Latinx child immigrants through our charity partner Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children’s Services (NALCS).

Our mission:
The YLLC hopes to foster an interscholastic community that celebrates Latinidad and provides education and resources to young Latinx student leaders.

Sophie Szew


Sophie Szew is the founder of the YLLC alongside Hannah Aguilar. She is a first generation Jewtina-American and mental illness survivor who is passionate about all forms of social justice. She is also proud to be a Youth Advisory Board Member for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and an incoming US Congressional intern!

Hannah Aguilar


Hannah Aguilar is a high school senior who is extremely passionate about advocating for mental health. She loves swimming and playing water polo and is a water girl at heart. She is very passionate about neuroscience and psychology. Her motto is “we rise by lifting lifting others." Hannah is also a proud Mexican-Guatemalan-American who loves teaching her school about her culture during their Latino Student Union meetings.

Madeleine Aguilar

Student Presenter

Madeleine Aguilar is a sophomore at San Marino High School. She is the president of her school’s Latino Student Union, and is very excited to be a part of the YLLC.

Priscilla Ortiz

Student Presenter

Priscilla Ortiz is thrilled to be a part of such an amazing organization where we can spread our diverse cultures and celebrate with Latinx pride!

Isabella Najera

Student Presenter

Isabella Najera (she/her) is a junior at Glendora High School and she appreciates the opportunity to work with the YLLC!

Angelina Valencia

Student Presenter

Angelina Valencia helped out with the YLLC last year and plans on helping again! Two things about her are that she is a senior in high school and a vegetarian!

Estephanie Rodríguez

Marketing Committee Member

Estephanie Rodríguez is a Mexican American senior at Montebello high school. The YLLC has taught her so much about her culture and the Hispanic community she looks forward to learning more about different Latinx cultures.

Leslie Olivares

Marketing Committee Member

Leslie Olivares identifies as Mexican American and is truly passionate about Latinx cultures and the significance of our communities. The YLLC has extended her knowledge of the strength of our community.

Daniela Ghodsian

Planning Committee Member

Daniela Ghodsian is a recent high school graduate and was the co-president of the BHHS Spanish Club/Latinx Student Union. She has participated in the YLLC as a planning committee member and a speaker on the minority student panel.

Benicio Corona de Flores

Planning Committee Member

Benicio Corona de Flores just graduated from Gabrielino High School, and he couldn’t be more proud to be serving his community alongside powerfully vocal leaders in this amazing organization.

People reached through our partnerships

 Channel Kindness

Check out this article about the effect of kindness on the YLLC for our inaugural conference written for Born This Way Foundation’s Channel Kindness news platform!

 Latina Chika Speaks Magazine

Read this article about YLLC 2021 and check out the podcast episode we were featured in!

 Spectrum News 1

The YLLC helped secure this interview with Nuevo Amanecer Latino which resulted in over 500 inquiries about fostering undocumented child immigrants through NALCS’s Unaccompanied Children’s (UC) program

Donations help support the YLLC’s events and allow us to continue hosting free conferences for budding leaders. Once we have the funds necessary for each year’s conference, the remainder of the proceeds go to NALCS’s unaccompanied children’s (UC) program. Contact us for more details. 
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